Catalogue Entries - OPEN

All pre-paid entries appear in our catalogue & are welcome to advertise their horse as being for sale.


Pre-entry details are commentated while their horse is in the arena (we'll do our best with entries on the day!)


Numbers provided on the day. Horses must be presented plaited, sound & injury free in a snaffle bridle. Open fronted boots are permissable on front legs but no boots or bandages are acceptable on hinds. Handler & assistants should wear whites - ie, white hoodie, poloshirt or collared shirt (tie optional) teamed with white trousers or jeans. In line with all equestrian events we, ask handlers follow accepted dress code.


Entrants are assessed individually within a mesh frame of approx 50m x 20m by two judges who will confer. The jumping lane consists of three fences set on the left rein - distances & heights are detailed below. If you feel your horse will better showcase over a higher final fence, please indicate this to the judges on stand up. Where evident this will not benefit your horse, fences will politely remain at maximum height.


Distances are given from the corner to the first fence, second fence etc. Heights are expected maximums.

Pony - 3.0 | 3.0 | 6.20 | 6.60

Max Height - 1.10m

Horse - 3.0 | 3.0 | 6.60 | 7.10

Max Height - 1.20m


Lead your horse into the arena & stand him side-on to the judges for conformation assessment. The judges will advise you when to let loose your horse & will indicate to the arena team when to open the jumping lane. Fences begin as small cross poles to encourage your horse to understand the distances, increasing in height when indicated by the judges. Our arena team are experienced in guiding your horse forward but won't chase on or touch your horse. When indicated, re-catch your horse & walk round the arena until indicated to leave.


Each horse is individually evaluated & scored by two conferring judges over the set criteria below.
Conformation | Canter | Technique (x2) | Scope (x2) | Attitude (x2) | Reflexes (x2) || TOTAL


As each age section completes, the score sheets are totalled. Given the confined format of the event, only the top six horses return. Please walk a considerate distance from each other as placings are announced. Placings are in reverse order & do not change irrespective of behaviour during line up, results or prize giving. Horses are welcome to remain in the arena for photographs.

Score Sheets

We are unable to give out score sheets on the day - they are required to update results. Please bring a stamped, addressed envelope with your horse(s) names written clearly on the reverse for posted copies.


Hard hats are worn at entrants descretion. By entering your horse or pony into the Scottish Loose Jumping Championship you & all other associated persons have agreed all event Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions.